1985 Port Vintage Report

1985-vintage-portThe 1985 is a great classic Port Vintage, with concentrated, rich and potent wines. The year was a general declaration of vintage, the majority of Houses judging it to be up to their high standards. 1985 was a model year for the growth of the vines: a wet winter followed by a moderate spring led into an extremely warm June and a hot July and August. The harvest took place under perfect weather conditions, and the fermentations went well also. From the very start shippers were predicting outstanding wines. The resulting ports are characterised as being forward with enormous structure, and staggering depth, dimension, and length. They are at the peak of their maturity and will remain so for another 10-15 years.

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Kopke, 1985

Colheita Port
In Original Kopke presentation box

Kopke Port is the oldest port house. Established in 1638 by Nicolau Kopke and his son Cristiano, who came to Portugal as representatives of the Hanseatic League, the House has been run through the generations by several representatives of the Kopke family, obtaining an excellent reputation for its wines.

The 1985 has a topaz color with glints of fiery orange. The nose of vanilla and toasted almonds leads to buttery rich caramel flavors with hints of dried strawberries, finishing with soft Columbian coffee and pink grapefruit zest.

Colheita, or single harvest ports, are aged in the barrel.
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Calem Port, 1985

Vintage Port
Library Release
Presented in Original Gift Box

Cálem Vintage Port 1985, from this great Portuguese house, is an excellent bottle-aged Port from the great 1985 harvest. Only just released from the cellars, it's in immaculate condition for enjoying now.

1985 was an outstanding vintage for port and the Calem does not disappoint. The port shows a beautiful and intense garnet colour with ruby highlights. The nose denotes intense aromas of red berries, black cherry, prunes and cinnamon spice. On the palate this is drier style than most of the the English shippers. There is smooth mouthfeel, refreshing acidity and soft tannins. A little sour cherry and redcurrant makes this an interesting twist with layers of dried herbs and spices.
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Messias, 1985

Colheita Port

A rare Messias 1985 Colheita Port

Learn more about Messias
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Porto Feist, 1985

Vintage port

Please note this is a Magnum Bottle (1.5 L)

The 1985 Porto Feist Vintage Port is a very nice mature Port wine. It has mature amber/tawny colour. On the nose there are some notes of red berries, coffee and hints of liquorice and ginger. The wine is full-bodied, sweet with notes of roasted coffee, caramel. Resolved tannins and a nice long elegant finish. Very good 90/100 VWP tasting.

This Port House was founded in London by two German cousins H. and C.J. Feist in 1836 and opened up in Oporto 1870. Carl Feist left the management in Porto to his son-in-law J.H. Speich in 1921. Barros took over the house in 1953 and was then bought by Sogevinus in 2006.
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Quinta do Noval Port, 1985

Vintage Port

The 1985 Quinta do Noval is light, elegant, and charming. The 1985 is quite concentrated having a cherry red colour. It is seductive, and amazingly delicious now that it is fully mature. Fresh, herby edge to the spicy nose.
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Ramos Pinto, 1985

Vintage Port

A 1985 Ramos Pinto Port will be a real treat. Vintage ports from reputable producers like Ramos Pinto have aged beautifully, developing complex flavors and aromas over time. The 1985 vintage was generally good for port wine, and Ramos Pinto is known for its quality. A vintage like this could have deep, rich flavors of dark fruits, chocolate, and spices, with a smooth and velvety texture. It's the kind of wine that's perfect for sipping and savoring on its own or pairing with rich desserts like chocolate cake or aged cheeses. Enjoy!

Drink: now-2040

About Ramos Pinto

Ramos Pinto is one of the oldest and most esteemed Port wine producers in Portugal's Douro Valley.
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Taylor's Port, 1985

Vintage Port

"Typical for Taylor's. Notes of woodspice and pepper, very slightly spirity. Nevertheless, a delicious texture on entry, supple and stylish, although with a very firm weight, firm tannins and good acids. Again this is fine to drink now, although it still holds some potential now. Very good indeed, bordering on excellent. From a Port Styles tasting." 17.5+/20 (November 2007), Wine Doctor (online).
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