1995 Port Vintage Report

The 1995 port wine vintage is rated as very good. If it hadn't directly followed the quite exceptional 1994 Vintage, 1995 could well have been a fully declared Vintage. It did however produce exceptionally good Single Quintas with concentrated, fruity and well-structured ports. The 1995 port vintage also offers plenty of good examples of barrel aged (tawny) port from established producers such as Kopke, Messias, Barros and Krohn that would offer exceptional drinking today, making these excellent 28 year old wine gifts for a 28th birthday or 28th anniversary celebration.

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Barros Port, 1995

Vintage Port
Includes Barros gift box as illustrated

The Barros Vintage Port 1995 is a vibrant ruby red in colour with hints of brick. Conspicuous aromas of rich and sweet fruit on the nose with suggestions of plum and strawberry. Lovely balance between power and finesse with a silky texture and beautifully sustained flavours.
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Burmester, 1995

Vintage Port, Douro

The 1995 Burmester Vintage Port is an elegant wine with lovely, aromatic fruit on the nose. Hints of black-fruit, cherry, figs and roasted coffee. The Port has a dark core lightening at the edges. On the palate the wine is medium-bodied, with fine tannins and a sleek, racy, long, sweet fruit finish. Outstanding 92/100. VWP tasting 01/20

In 1730, Henry Burmester and John Nash founded Burmester & Nash in London, a cereal trading company. They moved to Vila Nova de Gaia and in 1750 began shipping port wine to the British Isles and the rest of Europe. The family name originates from the German word 'Burgmeester', meaning 'mayor' - as the family came from the small north Germany city of Moelln.
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J W Hart, 1995

Colheita Port, Douro

This 1995 J W Hart Tawny Colheita is elegant and complex. An amalgamation of rich flavours is marked by the presence of dried fruits, with a burst of freshness in red cherries enhanced by an exuberant note of spice. Perfect for pairing with an exquisite salted caramel tart.

Colheita Port Storage and Serving Advice:
Colheita Port should be stored in a cool and dry place, sheltered from light and temperature fluctuations, and the bottle should remain in an upright position. If stored correctly, Colheita Ports will keep for decades in the bottle. Over time, it is natural that a little sediment will form at the bottom of a bottle of colheita Port wine.
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Calem Port, 1995

Vintage Port
Excellent provenance

The Calem 1995 Vintage Port has been stored in the Calem cellars since production.

The 1995 Calem Vintage Port has a deep ruby colour. Black fruits and blackberries dominate on the nose with a touch of figs and roasted coffee. Full bodied in the mouth with alcohol and resolved tannins, great fruit still dominates. Lovely finish. 91/100 TC VWP 11/19

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Churchill's Port, 1995

Quinta do Agua Alta

Despite its thoroughly traditional-sounding name Churchill is the newest of the British-owned Port companies, founded in 1981 by J. Graham.

Quinta Agua Alta is named after the spring at the top of the vineyard and it produces wonderfully pure and fresh water that bubbles up through the granite rock below the thin top soil. Olives and figs grow in abundance around the vineyard which produces a quite stunninly powerful port.

Deep purple in colour with a mass of soft and concentrated fruit. There's plenty of tannin to give structure and a pleasing earthiness on the finish. This is the perfect way to round off a good dinner.
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Quinta de la Rosa, 1995

Vintage Port

Quinta de La Rosa is a small estate in the heart of the Port wine-growing region in Alto Douro, near Pinhao, owned and operated by the Bergqvist family.

The Quinta and its vineyards were given to the Bergqvist family as a Christening present by the Feuerheerds, who established the property in 1906.

It remains one of the few Single Quinta where the vineyards start at the bank of the Douro and rise 450 meters to the towering top of the mountain. From the river's edge to the top, one passes through 11 different microclimates. This gives La Rosa great flexibility to add variety and complexity to its Ports.
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Quinta do Vesuvio, 1995

Vintage Port

Quinta do Vesuvio's saturated blue/purple colour is dense. Impressive in the mouth, with full body, sweet creme de cassis and blackberry liqueur intermixed with smoke, earth, and spice, this sensual effort possesses elegance allied to power and authority. Complex, fat, rich, and intense, it is an exceptionally stylish, graceful effort.
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Taylor's Port, 1995

Quinta de Vargellas Vintage Port

A fine vintage port from this high quality vineyard in the Taylor estate. Rich style with great balance and concentration.

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